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Hello Cousins!

I know this is soon after the Holidays, but I would like to get the next newsletter out as soon as practical in order to catch up with my self-imposed schedule of publication.

I’m sure that many of you have, at one time or another, thought about a family story that would make good reading for the rest of our membership. You must realize that meeting once every two years doesn’t allow much time to visit and get caught up with all your cousins.

Please consider writing that family story, and adding a few precious pictures from your photo albums. Again, if you are not comfortable writing for publication, I will offer to help in any way I can.

We also welcome any new members, especially from the Heater side of our family. This offer is extended to you as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!

If you are not sure how to reach me, please take a look at our website, and click on the Contact Us button at the top of the home page, by first clicking on the Our Pages button, then you can select the Contact Us page. And, if you already have a recent newsletter, my contact information can be found on page 2, in the left column.


Lee Wise

Another highly successful Reunion in Buckhannon, WV!

Thanks to all who helped make this another successful and informative reunion. We had a total of 53 cousins in attendance. The hotel staff were very attentive to our needs, The meeting room was a perfect fit for our group, as well.

I was very pleased at all the memorabilia that everyone brought to share. I will soon be adding to our Memorabilia page on our website. As I mentioned at the reunion, I am still looking for help in adding material to the website. If any cousins have any kind of background in website design, and/or html coding, please step up and help out.

Our presentations by cousin Dr. Millie Beer, and our guest speaker, Mr. Noel Tenney from the Upshur County Historical Society, were well received, and will be our first video additions to the website archives. And, or course, President Ned Crislip always has new material to share, which will also be added to our archives.

Please check back often to see the new additions to our website!.

Lee Wise

Eighteenth Biennial Reunion of the Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip Family Association

Hello Cousins, and other interested people!

We are about six weeks away from our Eighteenth Biennial Reunion, to be held at the Bicentennial Inn, Buckhannon, West Virginia.

Please note that there is an error in the dates listed on our Registration Form.  The ending date for the reunion is shown as July 24th, which is a Monday.  That date should be corrected to read July 23rd.  If you have received a Registration Form in the mail, please correct the dates shown at the top of the form to read “July 21-23, 2017.”  This same error has been corrected on the Reunion 2017 page on our website–

If you are on our mailing list or email list, you probably have received my message already. If you have received your Membership Statement and Reunion Registration Forms, please take a minute or two to complete them, one or both,  and send a check to Roger Roberts, our Treasurer. I really hope that you can make the reunion this year. This will be a special reunion since we have planned a field trip to Chrislip Hollow and the Chrislip Cemetery where the Association just installed a resting bench with a tribute to Jacob and Nancy Christlieb, who started the West Virginia branch of our family.

If you are new to this website, and/or have never learned of our 33-year-old Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip Family Association, please take a few minutes and explore our website, where you will learn about Friedrich Carl and Anna Catharina Christlieb, their tumultuous journey to America, and their sons’ indentured servitude.

If you have never come to one of our reunions, please consider coming and bringing any memorabilia you may have from early generations of our extended family. I hope to photograph as many items as possible for including in our Memorabilia page on the website. We usually have a memorabilia room set up in the hotel where we display our memorabilia and visit with one another. Here’s where you can renew old acquaintances and meet new cousins. Please watch the website for details of the reunion. Just click on the “Our Pages” dropdown menu and select Reunion 2017.

Please email one of the officers with any questions about the Association or about our Reunion this year and we will be most happy to answer them.

Hope to see you soon!

Lee Wise


Membership Statements Are Out

Hello Cousins and other interested people!

It has been a busy summer here in Prescott.  How is/was your summer?

It seems that our school-age children are back in school already.

I’m writing to let you know that the Summer issue of Jacob’s Ladder is in the mail to you all. And with it, is the annual Membership Statement. Again, we are offering $5.00 memberships to any new members in our extended family, who have not previously been members of our Family Association. We are really striving to increase our numbers, so that we may continue to be a viable organization. We need your help to make this happen. And, we especially need new members to help keep our organization alive and to generate new and innovative ideas to keep the interest up.

I have been really busy in re-designing our website, to hopefully make it easier and maybe a little bit more interesting for our younger set to view on their tablets and smartphones. Please see my note to you on pg. 2 of the newsletter.

Please return your Membership Forms along with your dues, and hopefully contributions to one or more special funds to help the Association. If your newsletter arrived without a white Membership Statement in it, please go to the Membership page on our website, where you can download a copy of the current Membership Statement. If you’re not sure how to do that, you can send me an e-mail requesting a copy of the form, or give me a call and I will see that you get one. Please return your Membership Statements as quickly as you can so that we don’t have to mail out as many second notices.

I urge you to write to me, whether as a comment to this post, or as an e-mail, and let me know what we can do to keep interest up, or better yet, give me an idea for one or more articles for the newsletter and/or our website.


Christlieb Family-related sights in and around Bad Dürkheim, Germany

For our cousins who are considering and/or planning a trip to Bad Dürkheim in the near future, I would like to present to you some of the must-see places to visitSchlosskirche.

Here is a view of the Schlosskirche, or Castle Church, located in the middle of Bad Dürkheim.  The address is Kirchgasse 16, 67098 BAD DÜRKHEIM.

To aid in understanding where Current Map - Durkneimthings are in relation to Mannheim, I am including a map of  the area.  From Mannheim, Bad Dürkheim is about 15 miles away.  Bad Dürkheim is where Friedrich Carl Christlieb was employed at a salt distillery.  It is also where he was converted to Christianity, in the Lutheran faith.  It is where he was married to Anna Catharina Engel/Bock.

The interior of the Schlosskirche, during our special service, honoring Friedrich Carl Christlieb.
The interior of the Schlosskirche, during our special service, honoring Friedrich Carl Christlieb.

During our visit in 2004, we had made arrangements to hold a special service in the Schlosskirche, honoring Friedrich Carl Christlieb.  The service was partially conducted by then retired Dean Rudi Weber, who had visited our Family Association on at least two occasions.

The original baptismal font that was used in the conversion ceremony for Friedrich Carl Christlieb.
The original baptismal font that was used in the conversion ceremony for Friedrich Carl Christlieb.

As a lad, Friedrich Carl was known only as Simon aus Franckenstein, Franckenstein being where he lived, which is only about 10 miles from Bad Dürkheim.

This City sign from 2003 shows a symbol of a stylized spur as a City symbol.
This City sign from 2003 shows a symbol of a stylized spur as a City symbol.

  In 2004, when I visited Bad Dürkheim, there were many signs around the city promoting the city.  Notice the symbol of a spur used as a city symbol.  Now go back and look closely at the baptismal font immediately above.  On the left panel is the very same symbol–from almost 480 years ago!

There are a number of small restaurants within a couple blocks of the Schlosskirche, whre you can sample local fare. The Kochlöffel looked interesting.  Being curious as to what the name was, translated

Within a couple blocks of the Schlosskirche are a number of small restaurnats.
Within a couple blocks of the Schlosskirche are a number of small restaurants.

into English, I found that it means, simply, “Spoon”.  And, of course, this made me wonder what the German word for “Greasy” would be…


I ended up in a restaurant close by, and sampled a bratwurst with sauerkraut. It was an excellent choice.Lee Wise sampling a Brat & Kraut.

Lee Wise sampling a Brat & Kraut.

I show a couple satellite views of the road between Bad Dürkheim and Franckenstein. This gives an idea of how hilly the area is, and what great vantage points were used for the location of these castles, which were used to guard and protect the townspeople of the day.

Satellite view of the road from Bad Dürkheim to Franckenstein
Satellite view of the road from Bad Dürkheim to Franckenstein

[Be sure to click on these pictures to see larger views.]


A closer look at Abby Limburg and the little village of Grethen.
A closer look at Abby Limburg and the little village of Grethen.

Leaving Bad Dürkheim and heading toward Franckenstein, you will come across the village of Grethen, where Friedrich Carl and Anna Catharina resided prior to coming to America.

I did not get to stop in Grethen, but our bus did take us to the Limburg Ruin, where we were able to explore and imagine what life must have been like in the early times.

The Limburg Ruin can be seen on the hillside above the village of Grethen.
The Limburg Ruin can be seen on the hillside above the village of Grethen.


The view of the Limburg Ruin was taken ca. 1930. Destroyed some 235 years earlier, the ruin would have been a favorite spot  for the Christlieb family to visit, especially for Jacob and Carl, who would have found it a wonderful place to explore.



This just in from Ned!

Before I go on with more pictures, I will provide you with Ned’s notes from our 2004 trip to Europe.

Ned’s notes for possible activities in Mannheim/ Bad Durkheim:

A visit to Speyer and the Landeskirchenarchiv to observe historical documents that pertain to the Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip family. Among these are Peter Engel’s death entry from St. Alban/Gerbach; Anna Catharina and Gottfried Bock’s marriage entry from Dielkirchen; Friedrich Carl’s baptism entry and his and Catharina’s marriage entry from Durkheim, and others. The Kaiser Dom (Europe’s largest Romanesque Cathedral from 1030) is located in Speyer. It may be possible to do Speyer during the remainder of September 20th. The hours when the archive is open would influence whether or not this is possible. An evening activity might include a visit to Heidelberg Castle.

One of the eight-hour days will include visits to these villages: Franckenstein, the hometown of Simon before he became Friedrich Carl Christlieb; Grethen and St. Alban, homesites of Peter Engel and family; Dielkirchen, the village where Anna Catharina and Gottfried Bock resided before moving to Durkhiem;Grethen, the little village near Durkheim where Friedrich Carl and Anna Catharina resided before coming to America. The Franckenstein Castle ruin is wellworth the hike to reach it. Also worth visiting is the Limborg Ruin located above the village of Grethen.

In Bad Durkheim, we will visit our ancestral church. Dating from the 10th century, the Schlosskirche, contains the baptismal font (taufstein) from which Freidrich Carl was baptized in the afternoon of May 20, 1742. This ancient church was restored for the 4th time in 1978.

Another of the eight-hour days might include a day trip to Amorbach which is located just inside of Bavaria. After Napoleon destroyed the palace at Durkheim, the Count of Leiningen relocated to this place. The archive at Amorbach, located on the palace grounds, contains our family’s most important document, the Amorbach letter. The magnificent Rococo cathedral is one of the most magnificent in all of Germany. A more economical use of our time may be to visit Amorbach on the 23rd, as we journey from Mannheim to Nuremburg.

Other visits in and around Mannheim might include the gardens of Louisen Park and the Palace and grounds at Schwietengen. Shopping in Mannheim is reportedly some of the best in all of Germany.

[I will add to this post as time permits. You may click on the images to view larger versions.]

What a Great Reunion!! Happy Cousin’s Day, too!!


I do hope that everyone thoroughly enjoyed our family reunion this year.  I know that I did.  It’s great to have at least two new enthusiastic members of our family join us–Kris (Crislip) Jenkins and Bill Crislip.  Welcome!


I couldn’t resist adding the above picture to this post, after finding it on my facebook page.  Did you know that Happy Cousin’s Day is July 24th?  Sorry for being a day late in publishing this, but it is great knowing so many cousins and being able to get together to share good times with them.


Please visit our web page and see if you can find Benjamin Franklin Christlieb’s book, The Cristlieb Family.  I just added it to our web site.  If you remember his lineage, you can drill down to B.F. starting on the Genealogy page, or you can just use the search bar at the top of any page that has the search bar on it.


I will be working on the Reunion summary just as soon as I receive pictures from David and anyone else who wishes to contribute pictures from the reunion.  Please email them to me at  If you’re not comfortable emailing pictures, you can always send them snailmail to me at: 1165 Fawn Ln, Prescott, AZ 86305.  If you think you may have an unusually good, artistic picture, please send it along for a possible “featured picture” spot in our website.  Please don’t be afraid to “Get Involved!”


I look forward to hearing from you.

Your cousin,

Lee Wise

It’s Reunion Time!

The 2015 Reunion is just over a week away. I am hoping that you will take some time out this week and reflect on what our ancestors had to endure 250 years ago–before, during, and after landing in Baltimore.

I am looking forward to hearing from our guest speaker, Mr. Nicholas Fessenden, about conditions in Baltimore during that era.

I hope everyone who has visited this web site during the last year has enjoyed their experience. We are having a session on navigating the web site, and I will be soliciting your input and ideas on where we go from here. Yes, I have a lot to do yet, to complete the sections we have started, but I will be looking forward to your ideas, and I will be presenting some new directions that Ned and I wish to pursue.

One of the new ideas for the web site has to do with our families’ memorabilia. I am requesting that you all bring as many items as you can to share, and, with your permission, I would like to photograph them and start a Memorabilia section on our web site for all to see and appreciate.

See Y’all in Baltimore!


Family Association Scholarship Donations Needed

Since 1995, our family association has granted scholarships for students entering higher education.  Over these twenty years, announcing the recipients of these awards has been an essential part of each biennial reunion agenda.

Due to the generosity of our membership, we have been able to grant two or three $500 scholarships at a time. Unfortunately, recent donations to the Scholarship Fund has been scant, leaving us with a balance of only $350. This is especially disconcerting, in that inquiries are already coming in regarding scholarships.

Donations to the Scholarship Fund have been traditionally made at the time of membership renewal, along with donations to cemetery maintenance, genealogical research, and other endeavors of the Association. Because the time for membership renewal has passed, we are asking members to contribute any amount they can to the Scholarship Fund. Kindly send your check to Roger Roberts, 15970 Kruhm Road, Burtonsville, Maryland  20866.

What can we do for YOU?

I hope everyone is enjoying our new Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip Family Association web site.  I am working very hard to create something our Family can enjoy, learn from, and contribute to.

I urge you to stop by and leave a comment or two on what you especially like about the web site, and what YOU would like to see on our site.  I would also like very much to post your family stories and your family pictures.

Last year or so I contributed a family picture to Ned for publication in Jacob’s Ladder.  My grandmother had written the wrong names on the picture.  One of our cousins spoke up and gave the correct information.  This should be what this web site and blog are all about–exchanging information.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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